Wednesday, November 3, 2004

No Concession Speech?

Wow!  Here it is 2:40 AM and we still don't have a concession speech from a candidate for president. We can't have a victory speech until we have a concession speech.  All the TV stations called President Bush the projected winner hours ago, and we thought at any minute John Kerry was going to come out and give his concession speech.  Instead, right before 2:40 AM John Edwards (Democratic Vice Presidential candidate) came out to the press and his supporters.  He was introduced by his staff as "The next Vice-President of The United States."  Then basically Edwards told the crowd that his camp "would not rest until every vote was counted."  So it looks like this is going to be a long and drawn out election this year.  Who knows.  Maybe it will take days or weeks.  I know to count the provisional ballots it takes 11 days.  And then I don't know if the Kerry camp is planning on doing any court challenges.  I guess it will go on for months then.  Hopefully we will know who will be in office by the time Inaurgural Day rules around.  Perhaps I am being too cynical but I think that Kerry should concede as there is no possible way for him to win at this time anyway. 


  1. dbaumgartner11/03/2004 5:12 AM

    It ain't over yet!!!!!!  :-)

  2. sarajanesmiles11/03/2004 10:29 AM

    Hmmm, no alert for your journal today :(
    Lucky I checked anyway :)
    It all seems very complicated doesn't it!!
    Sara   x


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