Saturday, November 20, 2004

Photo Scavenger Hunt #7

Something Abandoned

This is an abandoned barn.  Below is the inside of the barn.

All around Central PA, where ever you drive, you see abandoned barns and houses.  It is interesting to look at them and wonder what they used to be used for or who used to live in them.

Hope you enjoyed my photos! 


  1. readmereadyou11/20/2004 3:49 AM

    Yes, I do enjoy your photos. Barns are beautiful to me....even abandoned ones.

  2. sonensmilinmon11/20/2004 5:08 AM

    Oh what a shame, that looked like it was a beautiful barn at one time.  I LOVE when I see some of the old barns that have been transformed into homes.  Anyway, this is a great picture.  I look forward to seeing what others show. :-)  I've got my abandonded picture in my photo journal already.


  3. Great photos¬!

  4. I love barns too!  We were driving down the road last week and I looked over and saw a gray barn with the door open and stacks of the huge rolls of hay sitting, the top window open also, trimed in yellow.  As we sped by all I could think of was, WOW WHAT A PICUTRE!  Too bad I couldn't pull over and back up!

  5. sarajanesmiles11/20/2004 6:55 AM

    I love the barn pics, barns over there are so much bigger than over here!!
    Sara   x

  6. Great photos..its a shame the barns can`t be restored. They do that over here sometimes so that they can be turned into houses...Sandra x

  7. beccihouse2228511/20/2004 7:35 AM

    Beatiful pictures Val! Excellent idea for a difficult subject. Mines going to be a late one I'm afraid, because I've been ill this week.
    Take care.
    Becci. xxxx

  8. Krissy, my TBADT, whom Becci called Val, this is a fabulous picture!  I just love it!  I just love it.  Yes, we have lots of barns around PA!  This one is surely abandoned.  You took marvelous pictures here, honey!!!!

  9. Love the pics..Of course for some reaon I like the old barns...Kasey


  11. Great pictures of barn. Sometimes think my place looks like an abandoned one when grandkids have been!

  12. theresemshaffer11/20/2004 8:03 PM

    Krissy, Wow!  These are your best photos yet.  You are really getting to know your digicam.  I would like to visit and walk around inside.  I love the "mystique" of older abandoned dwellings.  The lighting and shadows that you captured in the second scene is superlative. Keep on clickin'

  13. Great example of "abandoned"!

  14. Excellent photos. Reminds me of some of the "ghost towns in this area that are quickly disintegrating into the prairie and vanishing like a morning mist. I want to go inside and investigate this old barn. Very inviting photo.

  15. quartrlyfecrysis11/21/2004 7:46 PM

    Very interesting photos.  What a perfect blue sky :)

  16. dvlwitgrneyes11/26/2004 12:41 PM

    I just LOVE photos of barns! In fact, I recently began collecting them. I am on a quest to also get a REAL out house moved to my city back yard for decorative purposes, of course.  That will one of the things to do when I am in Missouri (home) for a week in June.

    As soon as I get a ditital camera, I plan to join your photo scavenger hunt!



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