Tuesday, December 5, 2006

chew toy

It's crazy.  I've got writer's block.  I dread doing entries anymore.  It seems like all I ever have to write about are John's health issues!  I must be boring as all-get-out.

But what can I do?  So here goes an attempt at an entry.  First let me start with how John is doing, because I think it is important, LOL.  All things considered, he is doing quite well!  His blood came in yesterday, and he received two bags.  His face now has it's color back, and he is rosey red!  He is no longer weak.  Thank God for that.  Today he is at chemo and soon I am hoping he won't have to get the four bags of blood a week, because the chemo will start working.

As I dropped him off for chemo today, I was so proud of him.  "He can handle it,"  I thought.  He's a trooper.  

Yesterday after getting blood the hospital told John that he was scheduled to get blood once every two weeks.  This is wrong.  He is supposed to get it two times a week.  Ugghhhh.  The hospital is already messing up.  But they are insisting.  So I had to call Hershey (Mitzi, Dr. Claxton's nurse).  Mitzi will get back with me today.  She is also getting back with me about the local oncologist.  He thinks that John is supposed to get labwork twice a week, but John's supposed to get it three times a week.  So they refused to do the labwork yesterday!  Uggghhhh.  So Mitzi will have to straighten that out too.  Why are these local folks so incompetent?  The nurses locally at the oncologist's office got some other things wrong also, and were mean to me, but I won't bore you all with the details. 

Oh, good, I just got some mail, be right back!  Hey, that's not for me, that's for John.

My cat is staring up at me!  I don't know why, I don't have any food for him, LOL.

Speaking of my cat Michael, he has been going crazy the past few days.  I have been packaging a few Christmas boxes to be mailed and he has been clawing the suitcases.  He claws the suitcases when he is stressed out and thinks weare going to Hershey!  Well, since John and I have been packaging the boxes (to mail for Christmas), he thinks we are going to Hershey, and he is panicking, poor kitty.  So I tell he to go play with his "chew toy" instead.  His chew toy is the handle to his box of cat litter, LOL.  You see, he hates to play with cat toys, most bore him.  So when he started to claw the suitcases/ furniture, etc. we told him to go chew on his "chew toy" and he came to learn what that meant, LOL.  He also knows it as "handle", LOL.  So today, all day he has been chewing on his "handle" aka "chew toy".  That keeps me happy, LOL, as I don't want the suitcases ripped up.  

Let's see what else is new.  It snowed a little today.

Let's see.  I just told you about John, my cat, and the weather.  Ugghhhh!  I had better quit while I am behind!

Love you all, Krissy :)                 


  1. I am always happy to hear from you, no matter what it is you write about. I hope those local doctors get their act together. And as for being mean to you, report them. Glad John is feeling better today. (((((((hugs))))))))) to you both.

  2. In the end your journal is about you giving your thoughts. Don't worry if sometimes its hard to come up with new things. In fact simply contact me and I will try to give you a little bonus topic! hehehe really don't worry about people that read your journal understand you have some stress in your life.. ya know? I have had to deal with medical professionals and mistakes when I had my cancer treatment they were going to give me two extra weeks of radiation and chemo by mistake until I talked to my main doctor to fix the mistake... it all worked out in the end but could have been a horrible mistake on their part and made one of my organs non functioning.. ugh! so just keep on it and it will be worked out within a few days and John will be fine.

    have a lovely day! xxxxxxxxx Deirdre

  3. randlprysock12/05/2006 3:21 PM

    Sounds like the cat knows when you are going away and has taken to noticing the suitcases perhaps?  Hugs,

  4. I agree, Krissy, it`s really nice to hear from you as you have so much more important things happening in your life.  Anyway, it`s always really nice to hear how John`s health is doing and it`s certainly not boring.  I`m really glad to hear that John is doing so weell, I wish him all the very best with the chemo.  Michael sounds a very intelligent cat, I`m sure he does know when you are off to the hospital.  At least he has his handle to play with. :o)

    Love Sandra xxxx

  5. It's always good to hear from you. Don't worry about us, we worry about ya'll. You need to write what YOU wish, that's why its YOUR journal. I am sure that I bore people to death, but it's my outlet & my memory refresher-lol. Glad all is well right now-it is hard to get the locals to get it right, we had to complain to the patient advocate while my MIL was in the hospital. Sometimes you have to "tell" to get the treatment you should be getting in the 1st place.

  6. Glad to read you/your entry like this Krissy...it's home.
    Gem :-)


  7. Dont worry about writers block.  I love everything and anything you write.
    Glad John is feeling better.  If the nurses are mean to you again tell them the J-Landers are coming to take care of them and their meaness.  We will not have any mercy on them either.  Poor Michael . He hates for you to leave him.  Never heard of a cat using the handle of his litter box to chew on. LOL
    You take care and plenty of hugs for you and John.   Love Myke

  8. This is difficult having to struggle to get the medical care that John has been prescibed.    I hope your doctor's nurse in Hershey will get it straightened out.    All that Salty knows about is his bone.    I have told you I think about his game that he plays by growling and getting in his defensive posture as I tease him.    Then he teases me by putting his head on the bed next to me where I lay on the board/cushion and read.     He has the bone in his mouth and when I reach toward him he quickly gets back to the floor.     I gave a ride today to a person that has done work for me as his wife needed a ride to her job.    She was going to pay me $6 but I said $4 would be fine for me to go to town and back.    She was grateful for my help.     Other than that I have been feeling weak today and too painful to do anything but read.    mark

  9. glad hes still doing ok

  10. Well, now you wrote an entry about other things, as well as John!  Isn't boring to me!!!
    Michael sounds so funny!  Jae

  11. Your entries are NOT boring Krissy.  NEVER and don't you ever think they are.  You have a lot to write about!  So don't get any ideas about closing your journal or I will be MAD!  
    HHHmmmmmm....seems like you are having to deal with lots of mad nurses today, huh?  I'm just teasing you.
    Sorry those nurses were mean to you. There's no reason for people to act like that.  You're such a sweet person.  I don't know how anyone could be mean to you.
    Enjoy your evening.

  12. Writers block? No evidence of that lol. And your updates on John's condition (good to hear things are on the up) are appreciated. Keep writing, and keep that cat away from the suitcases lol

  13. hope yu get all the doc issues worked out:) glad you both are back home:) have a good week


  14. You and your life are never boring.  Thanks for the update !  'On Ya' - ma

  15. Keep writing what is in your heart and people will continue to read it.  There are lots of us out there who are pulling for John, and wanting to make sure you stay in good spirits.  The journal entries are the only way for us to keep up with things.


  16. lifesabench612/06/2006 9:59 PM

    You're cute Krissy!  I'm glad John's feeling better today- and it's not boring to hear what's going on with him.  I'm glad you can tell us about things.  Your cat sounds like a pretty smart kitty.  I used to have a couple of cats- they were my babies, and I miss them- so I like to hear cat stories too- eventhough I am really a dog, chicken and pig mommy now!  Hope the local hospital gets stuff straightened out fast!  God Bless you both!  Carolyn

  17. LOL  Precious, precious entry!!  Quit while your behind.  I just bet you almost erased this entry, and it is one of your best yet!  LOL  It shows your humor and is "just life".  I like these kinds of entries.  I need to start doing them myself as I have been having writer's block for the longests time.  I need to just sit down and write anyway.  I LOVED this!  Baby's new toy is a rubber fish.  It's tackle lure.  A friend of John's brought it over with his fishing stuff and Baby stole it because he liked it.  In fact, it is at my feet right now and Baby is begging me to throw it. LOL  Love ya!! xox

  18. ceilisundancer12/08/2006 6:37 PM

    Why NOT comment on John's health?  It's YOUR journal, a bit like a diary, or however you wish it to be! :)   My cats enjoy the suitcases, too, sigh.   Maybe I should switch kitty litter so they have a handle, too:)  My dog likes to eat the cat toys, anywa.   I'm glad John is doing okay, and what a hassle with those mixups.   I hope they get straightened out soon.   -- Robin


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