Wednesday, December 13, 2006

going to Hershey for 3 days

Hi, you all!  Just wanted to let you know that if you don't see me around for a few days, the reason is that John and I will be in Hershey for the next three days.  Don't worry, it is pretty routine stuff.  He is going to get a check up and have a few tests done.  Then on Thursday he is getting blood transfusions.  And then on Weds. we will be travelling home.  And as so as we get home we will have to run over to the local hospital here so he can have more tests and get "typed and crossed".  That means that they will draw blood and check and see exactly what kind it is, so they can give him more blood on Monday.

Okay, so how are things going with John?  I am sorry, I should have written a few days ago.  I know some of you are wondering because you have been emailing me.  I haven't kept up with this journal as I should because i have been SO busy.  But a lot of what I have been doing is fun stuff.  Christmasy stuff!  And then there is the just plain chores and helping John. 

So John's allergic reaction subsided pretty quickly, thanks to the Benadryl he was given.  He didn't even need to see the doctor on Monday.  

He goes to chemo every Tuesday, and he gets blood on Monday and Thursdays.  The local hospital is still messing that up some, but now they are a little better about it, since we called Mitzi and she called them.  But the thing about it is, even though they do give John his blood, they keep insisting every time, "Are you SURE you are supposed to be getting blood twice a week?"  "Because we are SURE you are supposed to get it once every two weeks".  I don't know where they got that stuck in their head, but they keep saying it over and over again.  And John keeps insisting on his blood.  If he got it only once every other weak he would be dead!  He hasn't gotten it that infrequently in MONTHS.  All they have to do is look at their records.  What are they talking about?  Mitzi has called and spoken to them repeatedly.  Strange.

They are also making other mistakes.  John had to return to the hospital four times in the same day, one day last week, to get the same test over and over again, due to their mistake.  That's what he told me.  I remember driving him three times.  Poor guy must have took the bus one of the times, LOL.  I remember us going out at 10:30 at night for the last time that day and getting back around midnight, trying to beat the courier who was leaving at midnight to bring blood to the Red Cross !

At any rate, all these mistakes are manageable, they are not preventing him from getting his blood or chemo.  They are just major annoyances.  Okay, end of rant and rave.

At any rate, we are leaving this morning and coming back Friday night.  So you all have a nice week and I will see you this weekend if I don't have a chance to write an entry while I am away.  Oh, Val is going to be doing entries for the Christmas journal, Joy To The World.  So that will keep going.  

Okay, bye bye for now.

Love you all lots, Krissy :)


  1. Have a safe journey and I'm sending you both my best wishes.  

  2. Seems as if people could get things straight after a while, Having to go back four times is ridiculous. Hope you trip is a fast one and that you will soon be back home. Helen

  3. hugsdoodlewacky12/13/2006 9:56 AM

    ((((((((((((((((((KRISSY/JOHN))))))))))))))))))))I am sorry things are not getting strighten around the hosiptal so John can actullay feel one hundred perecec better.You both are in my thoughts and prayers.Have a peaceful day.

  4. (((((((((((John/Krissy)))))))))))))))) have a good trip and hurry home. We'll miss you.
    Love to you both,

  5. Hope they get John's treatment on track again, Krissy. They can't mess about with him like that.

  6. You should try and visit that drive through Holiday Light display that they do in Hershey.  I know you have mentioned how much you love the holiday lights and these are great because you get to sit in the car and just drive through!

    Hope John continues to do well.


  7. Krissy, safe journal to you both, will look forward to hearing your latest news when you have a chance to get back on. You and John take care....Arlene (AJ)

  8. midwestvintage12/13/2006 5:50 PM

     Hope the trip goes well and is uneventful.  Glad things are going OK.  What a hassle about the blood.  Get John a T-shirt that says, YES I AM SUPPOSE TO GET BLOOD TWICE A WEEK!  Take care.


  9. jlocorriere0512/13/2006 6:56 PM

    I hope the journey to Hershey was OK Krissy. I feel better knowing he's going there, I know you trust them more than you do the local hospital. Four times in one day is just too much, surely it can't do you or John any good to keep getting messed about by them. Jeannette xx

  10. I'm glad that John's OK- but what a pain about the hospital.  Too bad you're having to deal with all that- but I'm glad that it's not serious stuff that interferes with his treatments.  God Bless- and have a safe trip.  Talk when you get back.  Carolyn ((()))

  11. i am happy john is not admitted for anything.  hope all is well

  12. Glad to hear it is nothing to really worry about...sure wish things would smooth out and those providers would LISTEN and get a grip!  Jae

  13. Krissy, I wish you and John the best.  Get back here safe and sound and God bless you both!  Love and hugs, Shelly

  14. kaydeejay544912/16/2006 12:39 AM

    You have the patience of Job.  I have to hand it to you.  I'd be screaming by now.  LOL   I'll be sending lots of prayers your way.  Take good care of yourself and John.
    Hugs,  Kathy

  15. All to often you just have to wonder whose side the local medical team is on? I can see you are at least "professional" enough to understand they are at best a collection of humans. The caregiver ALWAYS has to keep a watchful eye.

  16. rebuketheworld12/19/2006 2:23 AM

    Yes, that would be so annoying. You should just tape record the next time he goes in for his blood, and click play during his next visit. Tell them, this saves time from answering the same questions over and over....Glad, to hear the Benadryl helped. ~In my prayers....Raven


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