Sunday, November 11, 2007

Veterans Day

                  Today we celebrate Veterans Day

                Veterans, we won't forget you.

Would you like to reach out to a vet today?  Here are some things you could do: 
1.  Thank a vet.  (Could be family member, friend, etc.) 
2.  Go to a parade if there is one near you, and thank or wave to a vet.
3.  Pray for a vet today.
4.  Send a postcard to military personnel to show your support.  Just email in your information and a paper postcard will be mailed to a serviceperson.  To find out more about this, go to
                                     Let's Say Thanks
5.  If you are a vet or a serviceman, wear your military uniform to church on Veteran's Day if your pastor asks you to, so he can recognize you in front of the congregation.
6.  If you are a vet or a serviceman, wear your military medals on Veteran's Day..  To find out more about this project, click here:
                                       Veterans Pride
7..  If you have a serviceperson or veteran in your family, you may seriously want to consider getting involved in trying to help pass legislation that would benefit the vet you love.  Here are some issues that are of concern to servicepersons and/or veterans:
Advocate for health insurance for those vets who do not have it, and better insurance for those who do.  Things to advocate for:  The 2007 Legislature passed several bills, including: increased funding to the Veterans Home Board for providing personal care and building maintenance; financial assistance for higher education through the GI Bill; allowing those called to active duty to cancel service contracts (cell phone, health and fitness club membership, satellite television subscriptions and rental contracts) without penalty, and ensures that their energy stays on; funding for the National Guard Reintegration Program; funding for veteran health screening; funding for marketing veteran outreach programs; and free hunting licenses for soldiers returning from overseas in the past two years.
8.  Finally, here's something simple you can do.  This one's big where I live.  Just tie a yellow ribbon 'round the ol' oak tree.  Do it in support of the troops.  No matter how you feel about the war, the troops deserve to be supported.  When they come home, they deserve to be welcomed by us. 
             Take care and remember to honor your vet today!
               Love, Krissy


  1. My Dad was in the Veaitnom War.

  2. sugarsweet05611/11/2007 3:10 PM

    I have a yel ribbon on my tree outside my window, & my flag is flying!!!!
    Nice tribute. TY!

  3. xxroxymamaxx11/11/2007 3:13 PM

    Wow, all excellent ideas!! Thanks Krissy!!  Love, Shelly

  4. Great ideas Krissy...thanks for the lovely entry.   Linda in Washington state

  5. Krissy we're proudly hanging our flag in honor of all those who have dedicated their lives to making our country safe.  Both my brothers served in the navy and our nephew is in the military as were many of our uncles.  We honor them this holiday. Thanks for the information of what we can do help pass legislation for their health insurance and funding for the various programs.  We certainly are indebted to all those who have given somuch so that we can be free. Arlene (AJ)

  6. preciousone2511/11/2007 4:37 PM

    I don't have a tree.... but my flag is flying!!!


  7. We should never forget, Krissy

  8. I saw one man in uniform at church today.  He looked so hansome and so young.  He had lots of medals on too.  Thank the good Lord for the brave men and women defending our counry.  'On Ya' - ma

  9. Beautiful!  I like that you included ways to reach out and honor those who served for us.  -  Barbara

  10. Honouring your troops and ours.

  11. hugsdoodlewacky11/11/2007 6:24 PM

    ((((((((((((((((KRISSY))))))))))))))))))))This is a nice entry,and I will take a look at the link.Thank you for sharing your entry with me.I tryed to email you,you asked me were I worked at,I work in a Bakery dapartment.Could you send me your email addy?I thought i had once.Thanks.Have a ncie evneing.

  12. lifesabench611/11/2007 8:02 PM

    Hi Krissy- thank you for thinking of our soldiers.  I pray for them all the time- and am teaching my little guy how to be thankful for them too- he loves "our guys".  God Bless them all- those who have served, those who have gone, but are not forgotten, and those who are serving now.  I pray the 91 Psalm.  Thank you Krissy- God Bless you and John too.  Carolyn

  13. Krissy, Leave it to you to remember this very important day.  God does have a special place for folks like you that always think of others first.  I am so thankful to live in this country.  I feel it's a privilege to be able to vote as well as our duty. And no matter whether we support the current war conflict in Iraq, or not, many are risking their lives for us.  They leave their families to take care of us.  Don't we at least owe them thanks??  We can't really reopay them, but we certainly can support them. When our local National Guard was deployed there our town was very supportive, when they came home we had a parade and a ceremony at the National Guard Armory.   Dave didn't go to Vietnam because he missed the draft because of me, and Tim.  He has always felt bad about that.   When we visited Washington DC, he cried at the Vietnamese Memorial.  He lost many friends there.  We both became a little better US citizens after that trip.  To see our nation in action is an awesome thing.  Bill Clinton was in office, just finishing.  I hadn't voted for him, but after that trip, I had a new respect for him and ALL presidents.  Okay, it's time for Merry to get off  her soapbox.  Thank you Krissy for bringing this important day to the front of many people's minds....they may have forgotten.  If not for sweet, Krissy.  Love you, Merry

  14. What whomever said.  CATHY

  15. Enjoy your Monday.

  16. cacklinrosie10111/12/2007 9:36 AM

    Bravo, Krissy!  I have many veterans surrounding me in my life and I also work to serve the vets so a huge stand up and cheer from me.  Love ya, Chris

  17. rdautumnsage11/12/2007 2:10 PM

    Wonderful , helpful hints on how to celebrate the day! (Hugs) Indigo

  18. onestrangecat11/12/2007 6:38 PM

    great entry.


  19. Very nice entry.  I used to have a vet in our household.  This is the first year without him and he is missed.


  20.     There is another piece of legislation brought up by Congressman Jim Webb of Virginia, a Veteran himself, that I think is very important. It is allow service men and National Guard as much time at home between tours as they spend in Iraq. These young men and women are tiring out. They need all the comfort we can afford them. Excellent entry.


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