Saturday, March 15, 2008

do you like my birthday present?

So in the last entry I talked about my girls' night out, the night before my birthday, but I didn't talk about what I did on March 13th, my special day.  Betty asked me about it, so I thought I would spill the beans!

John and I decided to take the day just for us.  Well, it wasn't completely for us, LOL.  In the morning, we had to do some errands and see some people.  Then the maid came, and I had to show her how to do a lot of different things.  Which was fine.  I love my maid to pieces!

Then John and I were free to spend the rest of the day together.  We went to Outback Steakhouse and had a great time.  I had something different this time - ribs.  I also had dessert because it was my birthday!  It was a pecan fudge brownie with vanilla ice cream and fudge sauce!

I got some cool presents this year.  A friend gave me three CDs.  John's father and stepmother gave me a beautiful winter white jacket to wear in the Spring!  My parents gave me a present also.

I wanted to take a pic of the jacket as it is beautiful, but my camera has ceased to work.  Major bummer.  Major major bummer.  At any rate, the jacket is beautiful.  

I did want to show you what John got me for my birthday.  Remember I said I had been wanting Mary Jane Crocs?  Well, Crocs came out with a new shoe that is a more "adult" mary jane.  They are called Alice mary janes.

John ordered me some for my birthday.  He ordered me black and ruby.  They'll get here in 10 business days!  Here they are:


Question:  Do you like the shoes John ordered me for my birthday? 

Or do you just say, "Oh no, not those ugly plastic things again!" 

Tell the truth!

Love you all, Krissy :)


  1. hugsdoodlewacky3/15/2008 6:57 PM

    ((((((((((((((((KRISSY))))))))))))))))))))I am glad you had a nice Bday.I like the shooses John got you.But I do like my crock shooses.LOL.Have a good weekend.

  2. Hey Krissy. I love the shoes. I know this is late but better late than never. Apologies anyway.....Happy Birthday. It sounded like you had a wonderful day. Love Pam xx

  3. Those are all the rave this year, you will be stylin!!
    we have every plastic shoe imaginable at Sears, lol....
    Linda :)

  4. Well since I have normal crocs and know how comfy they are I have to say I really like the new ones! I'll have to look and see about getting me a pair (or two) they'd be nice if you need to have a casual but dressy than the normal crocs, but want the COMFORT of crocs!!

    Let us know what you think when you get them!

    Happy Belated Birthday


  5. Glad that you and John had a nice time out. Congrats on all those presents. I have never worn crocs but they do look comfy. I like the looks of them. Helen

  6. Outback is my favorite restaurant, Krissy!!! the ribs and dessert sound absolutely wonderful!

    what a fantastic way to spend your birthday and I love those Mary Jane Crocs; I'd get a pair or two myself :)

    that jacket sounds neat too!

    glad you had a wonderful birthday and got "spoiled" by friends and family alike :)


  7. No, I won't say they are ugly!  I love Crocs & those are PRECIOUS. They are darling!  Merry

  8. preciousone253/15/2008 10:13 PM

    Your Crocs look very comfy!!  Glad you had a wonderful birthday!!!


  9. hadonfield783/15/2008 11:57 PM

    I think they look lovely.....
    And what a great present too.
    Im glad you had a great birthday....
    Congrats again.

  10. ally1231305859183/16/2008 5:04 AM

    Glad you had such a good birthday with lots of presents and I love the shoes John has ordered for you ~ Ally x

  11. As far as plastic shoes go...I love crocs and have a few pairs now.  In the summer I wear flip flops most of the time...My feet love them.  'On Ya' - ma

  12. breakaway19683/16/2008 9:53 AM

    I was never a  mary jane person...always hated the feel of them.  however these may be better.  

  13. Glad you had a nice birthday.  Thanks for stopping by my journal :o)

  14. I love crocs!  I wear mine everyday.

  15. TWO pairs... COOOOL!  I like them!!  I have a pair of light blue ones... Croc knock-offs that I love!!  Yay!!  Love, Val xox

  16. Not that big on crocs but if you wanted a pair then good for you :o)  I'm happy for you that John got you some xx  Glad you had a good day


  17. I dont like the regular crocs as they are too big and bulky but i love those... I need

  18. cacklinrosie1013/16/2008 8:57 PM

    Actually, I do just love the Mary Jane Crocs.  They are really cute and nice looking.  The regular crocs I don't care for because they are so shapeless but these are definitely adorable!  Glad you had such a good birthday!  Love ya, Chris


  19. Krissy, I think these shoes are so cute and probably comfortable.  I am glad you and John had time for just the two of you.  I could eat some of that desert you had.....right now!     Love and Hugs  Myke    

    Get camera fixed....have to see that jacket.......

  20. nyuknyukpik23/17/2008 8:36 PM

    I think they are comfortable and love the mary jane style of any shoes

    now would I wear them--probably not--but that's because they tend to mess up my balance--not that I had a lot of balance to begin with.


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