Monday, March 31, 2008

i'm sad, John's mom is dying

Yes, I am up early.  I had one massive  charley horse that caused me to wake up.  Strange thing about it was that I screamed at the top of my lungs, and John didn’t even wake up!  It’s because I had my CPAP mask on, and he couldn’t hear me through it.

I can’t get back to sleep either.  I am very sad.  John’s Mom (my mother-in-law) is in the hospital.  We got the call in the middle of the night.  I guess she’s dying.  John wouldn’t like me to say that.  He would want me to say she is getting better, that she will be getting out.  But in my gut I know she won’t be.

She has been having problems for several years now.  Her doctors are constantly arguing with each other over what her diagnosis is – but now they are saying it’s most likely Parkinson’s.  Mom has finally come to the point, John’s sister said when she called last night, that she can no longer speak.  Well she tries, but all her words are gibberish.  Mom believes she is speaking, though, I think.  Also she can no longer walk, or even move much for that matter. 

She’s not going to make it.  I don’t know how much longer she has.  Last time I heard she wouldn’t feed herself.

I’m very sad.  Last time I spoke to her on the phone (two weeks ago), I didn’t know it would be the last time I would get to have a conversation with her (here on earth).  A conversation that she understood.  But I am glad I ended the last phone conversation the same way I always end it.  “I love you and I like you, Mom.  Bye.”



  1. Hi Krissy,
    Am very sad to learn that John's mom is so unwell, and may not be long for this life anymore. You are both in my thoughts at this time. Hope she is kept comfortable.


  2. so very sorry Krissy to read this sad news.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  3. Coping with the emotional strain of watching a dear loved slip away is truly a challenge.  I pray that the "Father of mercies and God of all comfort", as 2 Corinthians 1:3 calls him, sustains you and your family during this time.  May Jehovah sustain you as you "cast thy burdens upon him" (Psalms 55:22).

  4. nightmaremom3/31/2008 6:27 AM

    Krissy my thoughts and prayers are with you and John....   I'm sorry to hear this news.

  5. I'm so sorry, Krissy; this is sad news to hear, but good news in that you will see her again in heaven; tell John I'm sorry too, moms' deaths are hard to deal with; I will pray for comfort and peace for you and John and for his mom that she will have a painless passing into Jesus' arms


  6. That's very sad news Krissy. Love Pam xx

  7. hugsdoodlewacky3/31/2008 9:19 AM

    ((((((((((((((((((((((KRISSY/JOHN)))))))))))))))))I am s sorry,just know,you all are in my thoughts and prayers.Sending you big hugs.

  8. Always special thoughts to you and John....

  9. How sad for you and John Krissy.

    I will be praying for her comfort.  
    It was lovely of you to make a memory of loving wishes the last time you spoke to her.  You will have that to keep close forever.
    Jeanie xxx

  10. preciousone253/31/2008 10:22 AM

    Krissy, I'm so sorry for all you and John are going through (and the rest of the family). It doesn't sound good at all.  Know that my prayers are with her for peace and comfort, and with the family too!!


  11. How precious... "I love you and I like you."  That is beautiful.  You two are in my prayers as is John's mom.  I am so, so sorry.  Please give John some hugs for me.  Val xox

  12. You two are in my prayers as is John's mom.  I am so sorry.


  13. So sorry Krissy. Getting old SUCKS!  Well at least the part where we are in pain because our bodies are breaking down.  


  14. I'm so sorry for both you and John!

  15. I am sorry for you both.

  16. monicasmemoirs3/31/2008 5:12 PM

    I'm so sorry to hear this.  Please know that you, John and his mom are in my prayers.


  17. cacklinrosie1013/31/2008 6:24 PM

    Aw, Krissy, I'm so sorry.  I'll keep John, you, his mom and family in my prayers.  Love ya Chris

  18. Truly sorry you are sad. I will keep you ALL in my thoughts. Please keep us updated!


  19. Whispered prayers .... CATHY

  20. Awwww, Krissy, that is sad.  I am very sorry for her, and for you and John.  It is never easy to lose your Mother.  I was always closer to my Dad growing up, but after they both were gone *& it was for the best*, I have found it's my Mom I miss the most.  I don't think we have the same relationship with any other person that is quite that of the one we have with our Mothers.  All of you will be prayed for on overtime from me. Love, Merry

  21. Sorry I haven't been by in a while. I've taken a blogging break. Have been lurking around a few journals. I'm kind of in a depression. I don't think that my meds are working. I am so sorry to hear about John's mother and glad that you got to have that last conversation with her. I too got to have a last one with both of my parents and it is so dear to me. Please know that I am remembering you and yours in my prayers.
    Hugs, Barb

  22. i am so sorry Krissy. i will keep you and John and his mom and family in prayer.


  23. So sorry to hear this.  You guys have been though so much.  Your all in my prayers.            Dawn


  24. Oh Krissy, you and John have been through so much.  I always keep you in my prayers and I will add his mom to.  I am glad you had a last good conversation with her.  Take care my friend.

    Love Myke

  25. (((((((((((John & Krissy)))))))))))))))so sorry John's mom is dying. Your family is in my prayers ~Deb

  26. breakaway19684/02/2008 10:30 AM

    Prayers to your family during this sad time!!  

  27. So very sorry to hear this news. My thoughts and prayers are with your family

    hugs Jayne

  28. midwestvintage4/03/2008 9:17 AM

     I am sorry about the news.  It is hard.  Give John my best.


  29. I Haven't known you very long at all but your sincerity and love and goodness shine through everything you do. I got a feeling that your mother in law knew that as well.
    Please except my condolence to you and your family

  30. standsbyriver4/04/2008 9:18 PM

    This is very sad.  It makes me want to call my MIL and let her know  I love her.  I don't know you very well either but you sound like the kind of DIL everyone wants.  I was told that frequent cramps in the muscles can be fixed with bananas and sweet potatoes or potassium supplements.  I am not a health food nut.  I don't eat right and I could use a CPAP.  I have had a funny incident where my husband had a cramp, sat up and pulled my hair, I screamed and sat up and bumped him in the nose.  Just had to be there.  Funny later.  I hope your husband will be alright when his Mom passes.  That is just too hard to face sometimes.

  31. Krissy, my thoughts and prayers are with you and John.


  32. peytonswater4/11/2008 6:38 PM

    I am very sorry John is losing his mom :( <sigh> she is in my thoughts and prayers during this time that she find the comfort she needs and deserves.
    Hugs and Love


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