Sunday, March 16, 2008

JLand Photo Shoot #130 participants... (Subject: Photographer's Choice)

                           JLand Photo Shoot #130: Photographer's Choice

Once again we have had a great week with some amazing submissions!  The thing that makes this week's photo shoot so interesting is the wide variety of photos.  And now without further ado -

Here are this week's participants:

Julie of My Photo Journey shows us where she likes to eat lunch while biking.

Greg of Photo Trek shows us what he likes to do while camping!

Dan of Slapinions shows us a photo of his daughter from about three years ago, and marvels how she has grown.

Hope of MY THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS!! shows us her "hubby's sweet ride".

Martha of Perception saw this building while driving by it, and decided to stop and take a photograph.

Dana of My Photo Lounge shows us the breathtaking Smokey Mountains.

silverdoe64 of yathink? shows us her two adorable boys!  Make sure you visit her and welcome her, this is her first time playing the Jland Photo Shoot.

Monica of Midnight Conversations shows us the salmon of Tacoma!  They are special sculptures.  Just take a look!

Betty of Koda's Corgi Tales shows a mama and her twelve offspring!

Lisa of The Periwinkle Post shows us her Easter ham.

Linda of Footprints in the Sand shows us some photos of what is in her back yard.

Linda of Lost in my own thoughts shows her Mom and her nephew on a, well - you'll just have to see!

Gina of The Change within Me took a photo of some ominous weather she had a couple of nights ago.

Nancy of Nancyluvspix made her husband stop the car on Tuesday night so she could get these pics.  Check them out.  It was worth the stop.

Nancy of My Life And Loving It shows us her son at the local zoo.  With a lion.

Antonette of Jottings From Jersey shows us something very colorful.

Jama of sweet memories..... shows us a special rose on display at a local flower festival in her country of Singapore. 

Sharon of I'm A Survivor can't find the photos in her files that she wants to show us, so instead she shows us some pics from online.  These pics have to do with her name.

Adventures From Florida to Kentuckiana (private)

Thanks for playing this week.  And thanks for visiting each others' entries.  

Please come back on Monday (March 17) for a new photo shoot subject.

Love you all,

Krissy :)


  1. What a sensational phtoto shoot.  spectaclar.  thank you krisssy

  2. chaoticbeauty343/16/2008 9:21 AM

    All of the photos were really nice. Thanks for visiting my journal. The storm looked a lot worse than it was here in my particular area but it did cause some wind damage in other surrounding areas. By the way, BLC is the Biggest Loser Club like the nbc online show.

    Best Wishes,

  3. thanks for your devotion in continually doing these photo shoots, Krissy; its fun to see other people's pictures; I always enjoy checking them out and finding some new journals along the way :)


  4. monicasmemoirs3/16/2008 3:44 PM

    Such variety this week - what fun it was to see all of them. :-)  I'm glad you continue to do this - I know it's got to take some time to do.


  5. Another great turn out!
    Thanks Krissy!
    Martha ~

  6. Man!!  That really was a long list of participants.  Great theme, and one that was really fun to play around with.



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