Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Grocery shopping at 5 am

I awoke this morning at 5 am and John was awake also, so we decided to go to the grocery store.  Yes, we do things like that, go to the store real early if we wake up.

Outside in the cold I noticed snowflakes wafting down.  I looked over and noticed the beautiful blue glow of the Christmas lights lining the streets in the complex where I live.  Wait a minute.  Christmas lights???  I knew that they had been up awhile ago, but I hadn't even thought that they were still there!  Sure enough they are!

Okay, so they will be up till Spring.  I hope they come down by summer, LOL.  You have to know my town.  They can't get enough of their Christmas lights! 

Anyway, it looks eerily like winter will last way into Spring, if you know what I mean, with the snow and the pretty blue glowing Christmas lights all around.

I just looked at the forecast.  There will be snow three days out of the next seven.  I am going grocery shopping again in a few minutes, just in case we get snowed in for Easter, and I can't make my meal. 

It's scheduled to snow on Thursday.  That's the first day of Spring!  

It's going to be strange to have snow on the first day of Spring.  

But then again, that's Spring in Pennsylvania for you.  Oh well.

Krissy :)  


  1. hugsdoodlewacky3/18/2008 6:32 PM

    (((((((((((((((((((KRSSY)))))))))))))))))Wow,you all should be having no snow and the Christmas lights are still up.LOL.Did you ever get your Christmas Tree down?

  2. cacklinrosie1013/18/2008 6:33 PM

    Amen to spring in Pa. Krissy.  You never know from one minute to the next, especially in March.  LOL..it sure must have looked like Christmas with the lights.  We are expecting snow for Easter here.  Love ya, Chris

  3. Krissy, it isn't just PA!  Here in Kansas we don't know what season it is either!  We have had so much snow, rain, freezing drizzle, etc. in between the 70 degree days, we aren't sure if it is Spring or Fall. Yesterday and today are rainy and in the 40s; our St' Pat's parade was so cold and rainy there seemed to be more marchers than spectators down there when I saw it on tv.  Tomorrow and Thursday are supposed to be gorgeous and in the 60s.  Friday is supposed to be rainy and Saturday and Sunday bring chances of rain/snow for the Easter sunrise services.  My electric blanket should have been put up about a month ago but I don't see it getting packed back up until at least April at this rate!

    Still, my heating bill is much less than my a/c bill would be so I'll take the cold over the heat any day!

  4. It sounds like our forecast in Ohio too !  We had rain today but by tomorrow night it may change to snow and it is in the forecast for Sunday .  I'm quite tired of being cold and looking at 'white' .  Make sure you bundle up!  'On Ya' - ma

  5. Sounds like Massachusetts

  6. I've gotten home at 5:00 a.m. before, but I've only gotten up on at that time to pee or go fishing.

    Christmas lights in March - I've seen people that keep 'em up year round.


  7. Hi Krissy and John~Yup, that's P-A for ya! I bet you're planning a yummy meal Krissy. Did you get your Crocs yet? I think they are cute and sensible! Happy late BDay to you and Chelsea! This fish had a good one on the 16th too. Carrot cake, anyone? At least we'll plan on eatting well if it's snowing or not! Deb ;-)

  8. preciousone253/18/2008 10:03 PM

    I think that would be cool to be snowed in for Easter.... LOL!!!  (Ooooh, I'm gonna get some 'hate' mail for that!!!  LOL!!)


  9. in Montana we had a few snowy Easters; people made snow bunnies instead of snowmen; it was cute!!

    whatever you do, I'm sure it will be a delightful Easter; now I'm heading over to read your going to Florida entry; that sounds like fun!


  10. Since this is almost the earliest ever that Easter can happen, I'm not surprised at the thought of snow...
    Please see http://journals.aol.com/gryphondear/Gryphondears-Word-of-the-Day/ for more of this rant.
    ;^) Jan the Gryphon

  11. lol...i know exactly what you're saying--it's raining here now, but there were flurries in the air yesterday.  Spring won't come til May here...lol.

    Annie =)

  12. I sure hope we don't get snow for Easter!!

  13. Shopping that early?  That's probably a very good idea that way you escape the crowds ;-)  Hope your not too tired though xx



  14. Haven't done that in a while, shopping in the middle of the night lol

  15. Shopping that early I had only done years ago on a Christmas holiday when all the stores were open all night. lol You must have the store all to yourselves too.


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